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Funding Priorities

A minimum of 25 percent of the net income from each domestic Affiliate Race supports the national Komen for the Cure Grant Program, which funds groundbreaking breast cancer research, meritorious awards and educational and scientific conferences around the world.

Up to 75 percent of the net income from each domestic Affiliate Race stays in the local community to fund breast health education, breast cancer screening and treatment support projects.

Brief Summary of Priorities

Priority 1: Increase the number of breast health services and providers available within our 63 county service area while maintaining and/or enhancing the quality of the programs currently in place.


Priority 2: To expand education programs in St. Francis, Desha, Lee and Monroe that address breast health and increase awareness of available services.


Priority 3: To collaborate with service area mobile mammography unit providers to increase awareness to individuals about the services they provide and when/where these services are available.


Community Profile for Download

The Community Profile is a needs assessment document that provides an overview of Komen’s grant-making priorities and the breast health needs in our service area. Please familiarize yourself with this document before developing your applications. Download the Community Profile.